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TRN Communications can help you to establish your own communications systems or use our Repeater Systems to get the job done .
(LVRN) Laurel Valley Radio Network IDAS Digital UHF MultiTrunk / MultiSite Trunked radio service
Here are your repeater options:

Build your own system by first finding a location for the base and antenna that is high enough to give you the area coverage that you need.

Then you will need to make an application for a license from the FCC, purchase the proper base, antenna and mobile equipment needed.
The FCC licensing process is cumbersome.
Hiring a company with experience in obtaining your license, FCC fees and and frequency coordinator fees will not doubt add up quickly. To make an already difficult task harder, there is no assurance in this frequency crowded world that you will be granted a license and within an acceptable time frame. Equipment location issues may also be a road block. You may find that the site requires a lease fee and or needs AC power and security. If this is the course you want to pursue we can help you with the process but it will be costly and time consuming.

To save money and time you may want to make use of our already established Repeater System.
No licensing is required and all that remains is to purchase and install is the mobile equipment that you need. A quick and simple approach to getting the radio communication system you want.

Conventional UHF/ VHF Repeaters have provided the backbone for two-way radio systems for decades. Virtually every modern day Public Safety 911 system operates through two-way radio repeater systems.

Commercial two-way radio Repeater Service allow any organization to be more productive and efficient by providing a cost effective means of communicating with personnel in the field. Two-way radio repeater system are ideal for many businesses, schools, manufacturing, or anyone that is searching for long range reliable communications that will fit their budget. Unlike cellular phone services, there are no costly per minute airtime charges with two-way Repeater Services.
Dispatcher to Fleet, Fleet to Dispatcher is Easy, Fast and Affordable with a Repeater Service and the correct radio equipment.
Cell phones are often considered the best way to communicate among your employees. The fact is, Two-Way radio Repeater Service is the better alternative. At just pennys a day per radio, it easily beats out cell phones for cost. And their easy push-to-talk design and one-to-all and one-to-one communication options make it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes!
See the table below for a real comparison of Cell Phones vs Radios.
 Cell Phones Two-Way Radios
 Average Monthly Bill $71.00 Per Phone  Pennys a day Per Radio
Dial-Ring-Talk = SLOW  Push-Talk-Response = FAST!
 One-to-One Only  One-to-One, Group, or All
 Illegal and unsafe to use while driving  Safe and legal to use anywhere
 Minute and data limits  Truly unlimited talk time
 Not reliable during emergencies  Works 24/7/365
 Fragile plastic easy to break  Mil-Spec cases built military tough
 Must replace every 2-3 years  Easily lasts 10+ years
 Your employees can run up your bill with overages  Talk Between your Fleet as long as they want
 Never know the real cost every month  Cost the same every month
 LOSER!  *** WINNER! ***
Times are tough and money is tight. You need to save money and have a budget. With Two-Way radios and a Repeater Service service plan you can rest assured your bill for the vital communications you need will be the same cost month to month.

We can also supply GPS Fleet Tracking

With Radio AVL solutions, you are no longer limited to a single,one-size-fits-all proprietary mapping program. Now you’re free to select the third party software mapping solutions that best fit your needs!

GPS data signals are “piggybacked” on to voice transmissions with virtually no effect on voice quality. The number of data transmissions is minimized by sophisticated error correction. Icom’s data compression method is fast, up to 10x as fast. Plus, Icom’s technology is smart enough not to waste airtime if the vehicle is not moving.
A basic and affordable AVL solution
 Very low cost AVL solution
 Order pre-installed from Icom Mobile and Portable radios.
 Front panel programming without opening the radio
 State-of-the-art GPS engine
 SiRFstarIII™ technology
  159dBm sensitivity
  20 Channels to improve accuracy and coverage
  Extremely fast start times (<1 sec)
 Works with multiple mapping vendors
 Location sent at beginning or end of all voice transmissions
 Location sent automatically at timed intervals (Beaconing)
 RF collision avoidance
 Works on repeater systems

Reduce Costs

• Access daily vehicle usage reports for each driver/operator to proactively spot issues in the field:

• Reassign vehicles based on customer needs
• Automatically obtain an activity log on each vehicle or piece of equipment
• Instantly communicate with drivers or equipment operators to correct observed problems before they worsen or cause damage Gain Protection and Easier Management of Assets

• Receive alerts for equipment or vehicles moved during non-operational hours
• View the location of missing equipment for fast recovery

Have More Effective Remote Supervision

• Receive daily/weekly/monthly reports
• Obtain records to support monthly job progress invoicing and insurance claims
Here is a Map below showing one of our UHF Repeater Systems ready for your use in minutes around the PA, OH and WV Area.
Estimated Repeater Coverage
More Sites Coming Soon
Icom IDAS Digital Radio technology provides instant, secure wireless voice communication with your team anywhere within the coverage area of the system.  The advantages of the MultiTrunk system is that the subscriber is not required to change channels in order to cause the radio to roam from one site to another as the unit moves about.  No intervention is needed similar to your cell phone.
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